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5 Essential Apartment Things you need in staying in Surfers Paradise

Being on a holiday vacation does not always mean that everything is provided for you. If you are just renting an apartment then you need to be able to do your own laundry, clean up your house and do things which you usually do at home. Here are five essential things you needed, some things are already provided by apartment owners and some are the things that you need to bring on your own.

1. Medical kit is the first to consider in renting an apartment when you are in vacation. Sure things there are hospitals or clinics just around the corner but you do not need them for minor cuts or minor pain. You need to be ready for emergencies because anything can happen in Surfers Paradise.

2. Kitchen space and Utensils. If you love to cook then you will need this space much more than anything else. Yes there are restaurants and a lot of food counters in Surfers paradise but there are specific foods that you cannot find. If you are going to stay for long it is very expensive to eat out every meal of the day.

3. Paper towels or toilet papers are sometimes provided at the first day of stay in the serviced apartment. Basically you need a whole lot of them for hygienic purposes, so you need to ask if there are stores nearby or do you need to buy first before you go in there. Paper towels are important so you can just dispose towels after using it.

4. Need to have at least one wine or bottle opener. Not all times you will be outside to party and drink, there will be a moment of time as if there is a need to stay inside, have a drink with your company, talk without so much interruption and just enjoy the outside view just by looking at the window.

5. Cleaning Supplies are generally needed and you don’t want to just stay for a couple of days in a dirty apartment. Unlike hotels and resorts, apartments usually do not have free cleaning service so you need to do it on your own or else your room will be filled with ants, bugs and unwanted entities that you don’t want.

Basically those are the top essential things you needed. Some might not be valuable for you but if you come to think of it, it is better to have the important things available than waste time looking to buy for an item which is hard to find while you are enjoying the moment in Surfers Beach. 

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