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5 Types of Blinds Good for Your Room

Blinds are usable in all room like the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom or the living room. Constantly, their fame is increasing and people are now considering them as part of their home or office decoration.

With their increase, are there different designs of them? Here, we will look at the different types.

1. Vertical blinds

Is your window wider than it is taller? Is it a large window or a sliding door? Do you wish for a well light controlled room with enough energy efficiency? This type of blind best suits you as they are made of slats that are vertically hanging. Materials used for these types of slats include; aluminum, stiffened plastic, solar, fabric among others. Their level of aesthetics is also undeniable.


2. Horizontal blinds

These suit best a traditional looking homes and some the contemporary rooms. These blinds offer great light with their modifiable louvers. They contain cord holes at the back of their slats that help to block light from coming in the room. They are also applied to windows that are taller than they are wide.

3. Roller blinds

Roller blinds are the most used blinds in both offices and house rooms. They are designed in a way to block light from entering the room, even the morning light. They are highly versatile, simple and elegant. You can find them in all the colors possible, so be sure that your taste is in the market. They have been used for a pretty long time but do not seize being in trend.

A commonly mistaken blind that resembles the rollers are the roman blinds that are specifically made for the bedroom to give it a luxurious look.

4. Venetian blinds

This one is categorized as a horizontal slat that has vast colors and made in materials such as wood or metallic or plastic finishes. Usually the hanging slats are can be rotated to almost 180 degrees to enter in light; hence can categorize it to have effective window covering they can also be completely close making them great for bathrooms and washrooms. They also do not lack in style.

5. Honeycomb blinds

They are the best if you aim at a varied level of light controlled. They of course work well in contemporary society due to their crisp tailored lines. While choosing honeycomb blinds, ensure that they blend well with color wall. For variety of blinds to choose from, check the blinds shop in Eastern Suburbs.

 Note that, from above discussion, light control is the outstanding characteristic in all the blinds.