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A Guide to Kneeboard Tricks

Kneeboard is an adventurous sport, which is often compared with waterskiing. But it’s far easier and fun to play. This water sport has many levels of playing. For playing the water sport, boards are required. There are two types of kneeboards used in the water sport, named recreation kneeboard and competitive kneeboard.

Competitive Kneeboard

Competitive kneeboards are meant for skilled kneeboard players. As the name depicts, competitive kneeboards are made to compete against other players. Articulate in various tricks, the players make difficult moves in the water.

Competitive boards have sharp edges, thin surface and are lighter in weight. The boards are designed to allow players making deep water moves. According to comfort and competency level of players, there are various kinds of knee boarding tricks.


Riding is the easiest and a first level trick for beginners in this water sport. Keeping your hands straight, lean your body backwards and while holding the rope tightly, enjoy riding with the speed of boat.


Beginners enjoy turning the most, as it is bit more thrilling to take turns. Bend your body towards water, to take a turn. Your body will go out from the surface of board while turning. After turning, bring your body back in the same position once again.

Side Slide

Just behind the nose of the boat, tilt the board from one edge, while maintaining the balance. Pull the rope, lean your body backwards and keep your hands around your hips while holding the rope.

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