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A Guide to Real Estate Traineeships

Trying to break through into an industry that has very low entry barriers can be tough. You are literally competing against a horde of people who are just as good as you are. What then can be the criteria to set apart the most skilled real estate agents from the multitude?


A traineeship is an important part of your career as a real estate agent. While taking the certification course guarantees that your skills will be highly regarded by your prospective employers, a real estate investment advisors gives you the opportunity to see the real estate world up close and personal. You can apply as a trainee either before taking your Certificate of Registration course or during.

Why should you do a traineeship?

Many people think that just obtaining a real estate certificate is enough. But in reality it is not. A real estate certificate course only gives you an introduction to the industry and makes you better prepared to enter it. But as we well know, the reality outside the world of books is far different than what is written. This is where the traineeship comes in handy.

It shows you the nitty-gritties of the industry and gives you a chance to learn the ropes on this field; all the while understanding and adapting to the needs of the industry. It is always better to learn through experience tan just by rote, and a traineeship is a wonderful opportunity to learn more under the tutelage of a reputed real estate agency leader.

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