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A Guide to TV Placement

TV is a source of entertainment for your home. Choosing the appropriate sized TV which suits the area in which it will be placed and whether you choose to hang it on the wall or place it on the stand; all becomes your personal preference. A few criteria have to be always considered while deciding on a home TV install.

Choose the appropriate screen size

The room in which you will position your TV should have adequate space to fit in the TV and view it comfortably. If you have a large room and would like to enjoy high quality pictures with surround sound and theatre like experience, you could go in for a large TV.

If you like to cosy up in a small space and do mind the intense pixilation and ghosting of images at times, then you could place small TV in a smaller space. With all the LCD’s, LED’s and Plasma TV’s, you would be spoilt for choices.

Avoid placing the TV above you eye level

Whenever you consider to hire Home Cinema installers, they will make sure that the TV is placed at the level of your eye. Placing it too high or low may strain your eye and not give the needed impact. Your eye should be at a straight level and focused on the middle of the TV screen. You also could use a high or low TV stand or mount the TV on the wall after recognizing the proper viewing height.

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Digital TV antenna installers are also capable of setting up your home theatre. You could also consider their services.