About us

The New Wave Planner are professional event planners have a vast experience and can come up with many inspiring themes and a lot of one-of-a-kind signature stuff for your events, something many first time event planners need to scratch their heads for. This goes a long way in making your event exclusive and outstanding.

Attention to detail

The kind of attention to detail that the professional event planners can provide, hardly anyone else can. It is our job to ensure that we do not miss anything, and that is exactly what we do. Our event planners are very clear as to the various requirements of the various kinds of events and they see that all of them are met.

Cost effective and strict adherence to the budget

It is not easy for first time event planners to strictly follow a budget, no matter what. Also, the first timers will not necessarily know what the price trends are for the venues and the things they are looking for. There is always something that they do more or less, than required. It is only professional events planner like us who can stick to a budget and at the same time, ensure the best value for money.

Less stress for you

It takes a lot of skill and patience to organise an event that is special and unique. First timers get awfully stressed trying to get everything in order and are always faced with that nagging feeling that they have missed out something. It is only the professionals who can take that stress away from you.