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Ads Through Custom Pens

Free advertisements on pen are indeed an effective way to spread your company name at lower cost. Since they are inexpensive, easy to buy and distribute, they have become an effective avenue to carry your company name.

Use every Facet of the Pen

Maximizing the impact of a promotional product is absolutely essential if you want to ensure a high ROI. In order to do this, use every facet of your promotional pen judiciously. If you have multiple products or brands, use each facet to print the name of a particular brand or product. The company name and logo can be printed on the cap. This way, users will come to know about all your brands as they use the pen. Check out also Exhibition Stands.

Customize your Pen to Reflect your Products

The best thing about pens is that these are readily available and can be customized easily to suit every product. For example, opt for pens in funky colours and style if you deal in kid’s products. Customize these further by adding colourful puppets, tiny dolls or cartoon figures on the top as these are extremely attractive to children. Use different colours and designs for different products. You will definitely get more repeat customers as their kids will pester them to buy birthday items and party products from you just to have another such pen.

Customize your Pens to Suit the Occasion

Promotional merchandise are also great for grabbing more customer eyeballs. The festive season just round the corner which gives you the perfect excuse for using promo pens as brand ambassadors. Here too, different designs and themes can be used for different products made by your company. If you use Santa pens for one particular product; use a Season’s Greetings pen for some other product. Suppliers usually have unlimited options for customization and can even advice you on what type of designs suit particular brands / products or services.