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Advantage of Using Treadmill for Weight Loss Purposes

It is advanced enough to monitor your heart rate and suggest you accordingly. However, the most important thing is the timing. Here are a few tips which will help you time your treadmill and work out section for maximum weight loss.

Schedule your warm-up

Whether you are experienced or a novice, you should always warm-up before your workout. You can use a pre-set option from your treadmill to warm-up, usually 3-4 minutes long. If you are warming up in different way, don’t forget to stretch, jog, or flex your muscles before the workout. This will give more endurance ability to carry on your treadmill workout for long.

Treadmill process

The settings in a treadmill changes constantly, to ensure you are reaching and staying in your fat burning zone for a particular time. You can run, or change the inclination upwards, to reach your fat burning zone. For beginners, time spent in fat burning zone is usually 20 minutes, for intermediates, it’s 30 minutes, and for advanced, it’s 40 minutes. Monitor your heart rate constantly. If your heart rate is too high, stop for a while.

Ending the workout

Don’t just jump out of your treadmill to end your exercise session. You should go through the cooling period of 3-4 minutes before stopping. Walk at a slow pace and lower inclination, till your heart rate comes down naturally. Between each level of your workout, there should be atleast a 4 week to make your body get used to it. Slowly, you’ll witness a loss in your weight – with the use of treadmills.

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