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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo Flooring comes in few advantages and disadvantages. Before you decide on installing Bamboo Flooring, it is necessary that you take in considerations, advantages and disadvantages of flooring made of Bamboo.

Advantages of Bamboo Flooring

Advantages of flooring finish made of bamboo provides many advantages and benefits thus worth considering.

• They come very trendy and stylish. Bamboo itself does not need too many efforts to design, as the natural look of bamboo is stylish enough to use as is. The color shades of bamboos are truly dramatic by nature thus recommended to stylish home owners.
• It is very easy to install even on the most traffic areas or parts of the household. Thus installing could easily be done by yourself.
• Unlike other hardwood made flooring, Bamboo Flooring are more resistant to change in environment. It does not expand nor change in color or size in instances of change in extreme weather.
• Bamboo is not susceptible to stains. Spills of drinks and any stains could easily be cleaned by simple wiping. You need not to worry about floor stains as they all could be cured and cleaned in a snap.
• Bamboos are water resistant thus no need to worry about possible damage on instances that water or any liquid hit your floor. Bamboo Flooring is highly robust to water.

Disadvantages of Bamboo Flooring

There are few disadvantages best to consider in using bamboo for your floor finish. Although very minimal, it is still best that you know them at least for reference

• They are almost the same price as hardwoods. Although a little cheaper than hardwoods, Bamboo Flooring is not the cheapest of all available flooring finish. The overall performance and benefits of bamboo for flooring is a lot more than their price.
• Bamboos are not too robust from scratches. Scratched bamboos are definitely not a nice scene. It would be best if you take care of your bamboo flooring by trying to eliminate sharp objects hitting on floors.
• Since bamboos are being installed as is without too much curing, they may not be as robust or as hard as wooden floors. There are some bamboos that are cheaper thus weaker in character.
• Although installation is easy, you still need to be careful in a way as you install them. Bamboo flooring if not installed properly could sound hallow if stepped on. You could work on bamboo installation for your floor finish but you need to make sure that they are installed properly.

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