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Advantages of Low VOC Paints

To state the obvious, they are environment friendly, as they contain very less ozone. This reduces air pollution. The emissions of smog chemical are fewer, hence allergies are quite uncommon. They dry quickly and contain very less odour. Experienced commercial painter know this well, hence most of them now insist on using low VOC paints. After all, their health is at more risk than the occupants.

You may be surprised to know that paints are the second largest contributors of VOCs into atmosphere, vehicles being the first, of course. Some of the diseases include cancer, renal dysfunction and brain damage. So it is always advisable to use low VOC paints. The next time you hire commercial painters to decorate your office or your home, make sure they use only low or zero VOC paints.

Other Types

Natural Paints: Natural raw ingredients like water, resins, plant dyes, essential oils, minerals like clay, chalk, natural latex and milk casein are used in the manufacture of natural paints.

Water-based natural paints don’t give any kind of smell and are harmless. On the other hand, oil-based natural paints have quite a fragrance that is pleasing to your senses, as they contain essential oils. They don’t cause any kind of allergies and are safe for the environment and also, mainly for your health.

Zero VOC Paints: Any paint that has 5 grams/litre or less is termed as Zero VOC paint. The presence of a colour tint may bring the VOC level to 10 grams/litre. It is still low! These paints are the safest of all.

Heat reflective coating is known to maintain a cool temperature inside your home.