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Advantages of Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are our modern-day curtains. Though the decorative fabric adds that cozy vibe to your home, vertical blinds are proven to be more stylish, cost-efficient and advantagious. Especially since most of the houses built nowadays feature modernity. This is something that people don’t normally think about, but worth putting in to consideration. Are vertical blinds really better than curtains? Here are some points from¬†http://www.heartwoodshutters.com.au/.

You will need less air conditioning. Remember that the curtains don’t hang by the window just for decorative puposes only. They block the sunlight coming in to the room. However, the rays of the sun can still penetrate through fabric, making the room warmer that it should be. Modern day houses tend to have bigger windows, so there’s a massive amount of heat from the sun coming in to your room. With vertical blinds, the rays are completely blocked, so you don’t need to have a colder air-conditioning.


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Your furniture is safe. The rays of the sun can be damaging to your furniture as well. Too much exposure to the sun can destroy the sofa upholstery, chairs and tables among other things, and make them fade in color. With vertical blinds, you are saved from possible re-upholstering your furniture, and even from replacing the whole lot of them.

It will make your room more comfortable. Though natural lighting in the room can be good, too much of it can cause headaches and your eyes to hurt. Since the vertical blinds blocks the sunlight completely, it keeps the room from excessive lighting, thus, making the room conducive for studying, reading and even relaxation.

It will save you a lot of time. The fabric of the curtains can accumulate dust even just for a short period of time. This requires you to change them from time to time as well. However, with vertical blinds, you just have to use a duster to brush off the dirt, so it saves you the time to change them, not to mention that curtains are also added to your laundry.

Of course, vertical blinds, like all other things, have disadvantages. There are different types of blinds depending on the material. Plastic, aluminum and PVC have all the plus and negative sides, so you have to consider very carefully which material are you going to use, depending on your budge, style and its efficiency. But why think of the disadvantages if there are more advantages from using it?