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How to Effectively Advertise Using Promotional Products



Australian promotional products are very effective in advertising a product or a company. It regularly reminds the clients about the reliable supplier that you are and introduces you to possible new customers. Company giveaways are cheap, flexible and reliable advertising tools that when given to the right people at the right time, can mean good business for at least one year.

However, when not done properly, the desired results of the marketing strategy might not be achieved and all efforts might go to waste.  Promotional products, should therefore be chosen properly and its distribution be timed right to maximize the benefits.

Here are ways to optimize the gains from giving away corporate giveaways to clients and potential customers.

Advanced Planning– Write a general advertising plan for the following year. Identify the targeted months when the promotional products will be given and find the appropriate supplier/product. For instance, the next year’s calendar works best during November and December. Make sure that it’s beautiful so that people will use and inadvertently display it. Make the product choice flexible by constantly searching suppliers’ brochures for new products that may be used to replace what was initially planned.

Investigate the customers – Figure out if they will like the product and use it. If you give out products that the customer will like, it’s like pulling out a successful coup. The customer will use the product and even talk about it with his/ her friends. And when he does, his/ her friends will see your name and logo and before you know it, you have a new customer calling. However, choose the wrong product and it might just land in the trash. One good thing about it is, there a several other chances to correct this mistake by giving away free promotional products after a few months. But why wait for the next chance you can do it right the first time? Do your homework and study your clients well before deciding what products to give.

Choose Reliable Suppliers –Make sure that the products delivered will be of exact quality as the samples presented. Also choose certified suppliers for good measure. Those certified by the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) would be a safer bet. Also make sure that the delivery dates are specified in the sales contract. Penalties for late deliveries should also be well specified. You wouldn’t want your golf balls to arrive after the end of the golf tournament.