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Australia’s Patent Application

Do you have an invention, ideas or new products that will surely be a big hit? Have it patented! The patent prevents other manufacturers from using the invention for their own financial gains during the lifespan of the patent. Getting a patent for your invention is a protracted and legally complicate process. It is better to consult a patent attorney in order to ensure that all your application is processed in the correct manner.

Why Patent your Innovation

The basic idea of a patent is to safeguard the rights of the inventor against unscrupulous entities that might try to usurp the invention and make profits from it. Patent seeks to offer the inventor the time and space required to market the invention, make money from it and recoup the investments made.

Patent also serves as an incentive to budding inventors. Without a patent to protect their inventions, nobody would be bothered to work on something new as the final results can be easily ‘stolen’ by somebody else.

The Application Process

Before filing your  patent application, determine the category that best suits your innovation. Next, file a provisional application and then the complete application. Once filed, your papers are checked to ensure that your invention meets the patents criteria.

The authorities will also check to ensure that there are no similar patents and if satisfied, the specifications of your innovation are published in the Official Journals of Patents. This process takes about one year to eighteen months. Next, an examination is conducted compulsorily for standard patents before approval whereas for innovation patents, the examination is conducted after the patent has been granted. The process from publication to examination will take another eighteen months or more.

Patent is one of your investments in life. Include this on your will by hiring wills estate lawyers.

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