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Avoid Wakeboarding When You Have Physical Problems

Wakeboarding is an extreme sport, and one that requires the rider to be in a top physical condition every time they get up on a wakeboard. Apart from being fun, wakeboarding also comes with its own set of problems and injuries.

The speed at which a wakeboarder is towed by the wakeboard is in the range of 18 to 24 miles per hour, and at this rate even a small injury can prove to be disastrous if you do not have an ‘in shape’ body and if you do not follow the safety instructions well. At this high speed, if you hit the surface of the water it can feel like colliding with concrete and the results are just as disastrous.

Wakeboarding and your spine

The half squatting position, in which wakeboarders have to stand, can put tremendous pressure on the spine and related muscles. As a wakeboarder you expose your spinal muscles to tremendous amounts of stress and trauma and the risk of severe injuries. If however, you have had repeated spinal injuries or the previous injury hasn’t healed completely then you must stay away from the sport for the time period required for complete recovery.

Wakeboarding with a damaged spine will only enhance your problem and lead to abnormal spinal and skeletal biomechanics. If not completely healed, these can morph into even worse situations like spine or disc degeneration, muscle tightness, or ligament wastage.

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