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Avoiding Fashion Faux Pas

Cheap scuffed up shoes can take away from the over all look as nothing else can. Invest in sensible heels and boots which maybe a little expensive but will last longer. You can have them shined up to maintain the look.


Your work wear should be appropriate. Too low necklines or too high hemlines are not meant for office. Save those for the week ends and at work keep your outfit professional. Stick to the classic colours, fabric, and prints. Avoid flashy sequins and sparkles and sheer tops. Wear pumps and low heels or flats to work.

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Over Accessorizing

Always remove the last accessory you put on is the advice given by one of the top fashion designers. You can easily be carried away by accessories and wear too much. But too many accessories can detract attention from the Evening dress itself and people will only see a decorated doll. It is better to err on the side of caution. Ideally you should have one piece of jewellery which stands out and the rest should be understated.

Visible Underwear

There is really nothing that can ruin the look as much as visible underwear can. If you are wearing a dress made of sheer fabric or a low neckline, make absolutely and doubly sure that your underwear is not visible. Peeping bra straps or panty lines visible through the fabric of your dress will kill the look and make you look cheap.

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