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Basic Principles & Guidelines For Direct Mail Marketing

Before sending out the lumpy mails, you do have to keep certain things in mind. You need to pack in a gift that holds some relevance with the product or service that you are offering. A simple unrelated gift may do, but sending a related gift will work more effectively in influencing the customer.

For example, if you happen to offer printing service, you can pack in a nicely printed map of the neighbourhood.

A message from Off set printers Sydney can thus have an impact on the customer. You can, on top of this, make the approach more personal by sending your customers mails with handwritten addresses. This will have an emotional effect on the target customers, as they always value a bond with sellers which are beyond business.

Targeting the customers

The primary step that you as a businessman should take is to ensure a proper mailing list. You will not want to randomly send out mails to random households who may not be remotely interested in your product or services. The list has to be of the highest quality and contain the target customer base. Next, you should first send out mails on an experimental basis to a small segment. Based on the response, you should proceed, maybe by altering your list or enhancing your letter or otherwise.

Following it up

The most important step after the mails have been sent is a follow up call. This is vital as the customers will feel that they are important to you and you are really interested in having them get involved with your business. A follow up call always ensures a healthy conversion rate.