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Basics Of Program & Software Coding Should know by Every Web Designer

The digital world thrives on codes and programs. While the end user may simply access platforms and interfaces or software to create new designs for the online media, it pays to know the basics too. If a designer can code, it can come in handy at any point of time throughout his job or profession.

Speeds up processes

Most agencies may hire designers to design and IT professionals to help code the designs into place online. However, should you suddenly
require minor changes to be implemented, if a designer knows how to code, the changes can be achieved in a shorter span of time.

Furthermore, in urgent situations it definitely helps to have the same person create and code designs into place. Time is money after all in the commercial world.

Web designer works on websites

If you study the way most agencies divide their employees or designate them, you will find that a web designer would be given the task of creating websites for new clients while a graphic designer sticks to other forms of digital designs.

While this may just signify a difference in the work set-up and not necessarily role or profession, it is important to note that a graphic designer can do what a web designer does and vice versa. However, in order to limit confusion and to ensure that teams work efficiently together most creative agencies have separate web designers and graphic designers to provide an array of digital design needs and options to clients.

Difference in tools used

While the formal training for both a web designer and a graphic designer more or less include the same methods, when it comes down to it, Gold Coast web designers and graphic designers use a different set of programs to help them with their design needs.