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Benefits of a Front-Loading Commercial Dishwashing System

Advances in technology have made people’s life easier. The time and effort you need to do a chore like dishwashing has decreased to a great extent. Especially commercial glass washers with the option of front loading have gained huge popularity due to certain benefits they offer to the consumer market.

Speeds up the washing process

Front loading commercial glass washers are highly efficient and can be run all day long. They usually can wash the glass wares in around three minutes making the process quicker and easier. This way you can get a continuous supply of fresh and clean cutlery at the right time. This speed also adds to the productivity of work.

Cold rinsing

These days most of the commercial glass washers are manufactured with the inbuilt cold rinsing feature. This feature helps in cooling down the glass ware from hot to cold temperature so that they can be used immediately, without you having to wait for them to dry. This way you can serve shakes or pastries almost in an instant that it is rinsed and cleaned.

Washing arm

Glass washers are equipped with a washing arm which is conveniently placed as the bottom of the machine. This washing arm is used to erase the dirt and oily substances from the glasses or plates and hence is very useful. Washing arms are also very compact and as only one of them are fitted in the glass washer; they can be fitted easily into the room.

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