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Benefits of Being Gardeners

When many people hear or see the words gardening, all they imagine are themselves on their knees sweating and getting muddy trying to get plants into the soil or removing weeds from already growing plants. Yes, gardening is a really dirt filled and messy affair but it is tiresome too. However what many people do not realized is that being gardeners, while all it seems to be doing is saving you a few dollars on groceries or keeping your home beautiful and aerated by adding some trees to it. There are a lot of advantages to the whole individual. Being gardeners is good for the general health of individuals.

Gardening makes you happier

What many do not realize is that gardening is just like any other outdoor activity. Clearly, like many outdoor activities it is messy and leaves you sweaty. However, did you know that like all other outdoor activities gardening too makes you happy? The green environment and the rigorous activities it involves have been known to boost your moods, re-motivate you and help you engage in activities that will actually produce some fruits for you- literary.

It counts as exercising

This point does not count for the young energetic people below age 40. If you are gardening, you could cancel your gym membership because it helps you burn up to 272 calories per hour and thus helping you keep fit and healthy. This is alot more calories than you would burn walking around all day in your home or estate so pick gardening, make it that inexpensive exercise you engage in regularly and grow something healthy you could eat or sell.

It can make you money

What many people do not know is that being gardeners is profitable. Say you plant some kales, tomatoes or even trees. Once they have matured, you could keep your share and sell some to your neighbors. They will appreciate buying farm fresh organic vegetables they know are from a real garden. If your garden is big, you could even sell your produce to the local stores and a good some of money while you are at it. You could sell those trees to a local timber company orto your neighbors as they prepare for the winter. Everything about gardening has monetary value for you. In case you cannot sell what you have you can always trade with your neighbor. Maybe you give them fruits and vegetables and they exchange for fresh eggs or with a restaurant for free appetizers and drinks.

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