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Booking an Events Venue

There are several other queries which you must ask if you want to ensure that the money you pay will be well-spent and your guests will be comfortable. This will also help you in deciding what will be the dress code during your wedding. Will the guest be comfortable wearing a tuxedo and black evening dress or just a black suit and Cocktail dress.

Accommodation Capacity

Ascertain the capacity of the wedding venue. If your programme requires an auditorium, buffet space, seating arrangements etc and the venue provides for the same, always ask how many people can be comfortably accommodated.

This can make a huge difference to your event as people will generally avoid you the next time if they are not comfortable during the wedding. As a thumb rule, ensure that the venue can accommodate at least thirty percent more than the number of attendees.

Access to the Premises

Always check the time of entry and access to the entire premises. You should be able to enter the premises hours before the start of the event. This way, you will have enough to time to take care of last minute arrangements with decorators, florists, sound and light mechanics etc. Also confirm that the entire premises and parking area, as shown to you, are available.

Often, a huge area is shown at the time of booking while in reality, only a part of is leased out for events. Also check to see that the premises have a clear and well-maintained entry point with facilities for disability access. After all, you don’t want your guests to enter through a dirty lane or for a particular guest to leave just because there is no space to manoeuvre a wheelchair.

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