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Branded Key Chains and Pens

A weird title, isn’t it. Who gives them out, well who in fact makes them, branded key chains and pens that is. Let me tell you, I own them. I do. A Mercedes keychain and a Komatsu pen. Got you. Well, these are what the companies give out in an event. A bag of goodies, which comprises of your daily essentials. A plain blue shirt with a car name on it. The automobile industry is stressed here, but that is the fact. So, do you think the shirt was made by them. No, right, I know people have more common sense than that. The answer is promotional product supplier.

These suppliers contain a hoard of things like this. Custom t shirts, pens, bags, key chains, paper bags and what not. The companies just have to print a name on it and they are set to distribute them on the streets. They also have to maintain the brand color and print the authentic logo. The shirt sans the logo is much cheaper, and if one intends to buy the same thing with the logo, the prices shoot up. The companies order bulk amounts from these promotional product suppliers and also have a regular membership sort of thing with some of them.

And coming to these tidbits or free gifts providing companies, they are in a league of their own. When it first became evident, that is the rise of such promotional items, the intelligent lot started scratching their head. If someone does need all sorts of things under the sun for promoting and creating awareness of their brand, why not become the one who supplies them. Selling everything to everyone. By this method they cater to both the suppliers and the distributors. Promotional products Melbourne engage the distributors by offering quality products and at the same the small scale businesses which will have eventually found the market to sell their goods.

The items are not limited to the above and common things, they have umbrellas, toothbrushes, toothpick, bandage, table covers and screw drivers. More options for one who wishes to expand their horizon. Is this not going a bit overboard with marketing. I don’t think that your sales are going to be affected if people use a toothbrush with the company’s logo on it. One would not buy a BMW, even if it’s mini model remote car is going off-shelves.  But, maybe that is the plan. The company could gain sales from the average middle class by selling off their merchandise. Well, whatever the motive, it doesn’t matter as long it is free.