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Budgeting Tips for Your Bathroom Renovation

A bathroom renovation is a costly job, and since there are so many things to think of and so many places you can spend your money, that devising a budget can be a really hard task.

Whether you are a DIY renovator, or you believe in asking the top guns to handle your jobs, it is always important to know where the money goes. This will help you when you want to save up and cut corners in beautifying your home. To ensure that you do not spend too much dough on unnecessary things, there are a few simple tips that you can keep in mind. Asking suggestion from Brisbane plumbers is advisable.

 Laying down the tiles

Tiles are everywhere in a bathroom – from the walls, on the floors, or just a as fancy decorative border in your bathroom. Tiles are mostly sold at a per square meter rate, but if you are renovating the entire bathroom then you can get a quote for the entire job as well.

Make sure you have enough space for your bathroom vanities.

Ask around before buying your tiles as the rates can vary, and mosaic bathroom tiles or tiles with complex patterns can be even more costly than you expected. If you hire a tiler for the job, make sure to ask him what his rates include.

Typically a tiler charges for material cost such as the cost of glue and grout, and the labour cost of preparing the site for laying down tiles. The cost of the tiles themselves is to be borne by you. Do remember that if you want extra fixtures on your tiles like waterproofing and sealing jobs, then they will cost extra.