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Buying a Home – What to Look for

While inside the house, ensure that the windows and doors are not damaged or cracked. If it is a wooden window, touch the wood to check if it has gone soft and is rotting. The doors should have two locks on it so that you can have your privacy.

Touch the paint on the wall and see if it peels of easily.  You have to check this each room and bathrooms too. If the house is not painted properly, the repainting becomes your responsibility. A professional painter usually deals with the blistering or the top coat of a wall paint cannot remain adhered to the one beneath it.

While testing the paint on the walls, you will also have to check for damps. You can see damp patches on walls which mean water is leaking from the water pipes and that needs to be fixed.

Open all the taps to see if the water supply is good. In addition, you will realize which of the faucets are working properly and the ones that need to be replaced.

The bathrooms should have not had a smelly exhaust nor should it have bad ventilation. The lights should be functioning properly. Check for any moulds on the walls of the bathroom. The toilet should not damage or cracked. The water supply should be good in the bathroom. You can ask the owner to deduct the cost of the bathroom renovation if it needs one.

Seek advise from property agents. They are very reliable when it comes to this matter.

Outside the house

Look at the back yard and see if it is well maintained. In addition, check if the trees are not too close to the house. It poses a threat as it gives easy access to a burglar as well as any animal. It is advisable if there is an alarm system installed on the house. This will create an impression that your valuable items like HDTV, computers, antique furniture and others especially your family are safe.

Also check the water system to ensure that there are no broken pipes, no leakages and no shortage of water.

Estate agents are experts in working out with property owners and buyers and will help you get the best deal. Take a look on the Solana Beach CA real estate.

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