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Carpet Cleaning Tips

Your carpet contributes to the beauty of your home, thus cleaning it is part of your task.

Carpet cleaning should be done several times a month to maintain a clean and smells clean home. You need to clean and maintain the cleanliness of your carpet as it prolongs the life of your carpet.

Follow the tips below on how to clean your carpets:

1. Use a vacuum in cleaning. Use new vacuum bag cleaner so that you will be sure that all the dirt particles are removed.
2. Give attention to the areas where people love to walk into or stay. These areas are the dirtiest spots so clean it repeatedly.
3. Use baking soda on your vacuums upon cleaning as this will help you get rid of unnecessary odors.
4. Use a water and detergent solution to get rid of stains such as muds, food stains and any other stains. If it will not work, use cleaning detergent that will not contaminate the color of your carpet. When removing stains, remember that a stain that is just new or fresh will be removed immediately so if you see stains that are fresh, clean them immediately. This is just like preventing stains rather than curing them.

Photo Credit: http://www.ozonecleaning.com.au/carpet-cleaning-cairns.html

Photo Credit: http://www.ozonecleaning.com.au/carpet-cleaning-cairns.html

Here are some of the stains and the guidelines on how to remove them:

Acid stains

Dilute the area with baking soda, water or water with club soda. Apply solution of water and ammonia. Rinse it immediately with cold water, dry and vacuum it.

Alcoholic beverages

Dilute the area with this stain with cold water. Absorb carefully the liquid. Mix detergent, vinegar and water solution. Apply this to the area and let it dry. Vacuum the carpet.


Absorb blood with the use of cloth or foam. Get a solution of detergent, water and vinegar. Apply the solution to the stain and let it dry. Vacuum it.


Scrape the butter on the carpet carefully. Apply cleaning fluid and let the carpet dry. If it is still not effective, repeat the steps and then use vacuum cleaner.


Use vinegar and water solution to this stain. Sponge it until gone.


this is the hardest dirt or stain to get from your carpet so in order to avoid this, tell your kids not to eat this at home since it is also a junk food. Use ice cube and then press it to the area where the gum stuck. When it hardens, the gum will get off easily but there will be parts that will be left out so you have to get water and powder solution to get this. Vacuum it then.

Remember that carpet cleaning can be very hassle so just maintain the cleanliness in your home. There are stains that are stubborn so you have to handle it carefully since most of the carpets are sensitive. If you are looking for professionals to do this task, just call the best cleaning service for stained and damaged carpets in Adelaide from Floor Busters.

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