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Carpet Cleaning: What Are Your Options?

One thing that will surely intimidate homeowners in cleaning their entire home is the time it will take to do the job. This is why instead of cleaning different rooms in one go, it is best to employ some carpet maintenance techniques so you can save time. The most tedious task involved in cleaning the whole house is ensuring that the carpet is restored to its best condition. It can be challenging especially when you do not know how and where to start. However, regular carpet cleaning must be considered so germs and dirt will not cause any serious health problems to you and your family. Carpets and rugs should be cleaned on a regular basis.


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Cleaning Options That Protect Your Carpet

There are two options for you to choose from if you decide to clean your own carpet. Although both of these carpet cleaning techniques have their own advantages, you should not fail to look at their disadvantages as well.

1.    Wet Cleaning Method

Wet cleaning method comes in two categories and these are hot water chemical treatment and steam cleaning. With steam cleaning, you will use hot water to clean your carpet. All you need to do is heat up a large pale of water on your stove. It should be hotter than the water from the faucet but make sure you do not bring it to a boil. The water should be rubbed against your carpet and once done, run the vacuum cleaner over it. The process must be repeated until dirt and grime are removed completely. On the other hand, hot water chemical treatment uses hot water with cleaning chemicals. Laundry detergent is one of the popular cleaning agents to use.

2.    Dry Cleaning Method

Dry carpet cleaning option uses a different chemical, which is only intended for this type of method. You cannot use laundry detergent as it will not be effective. This dry chemical is capable of breaking down the dirt in your carpet and it is also safe for animal and human contact. Although it is more expensive than laundry detergent, it is practical if you do not have enough time to dedicate for carpet cleaning. You only need to devote a few hours to clean the carpet and it will not require drying time. Be sure to remove furniture when using dry cleaning method. You also need to open your windows for proper ventilation. Once you are done cleaning, do not forget to vacuum up the residue or powder. For spot cleaning, you can also dab cold water on the stained spot. Do not attempt to rub as this will only make the stain more difficult to remove.

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