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Children Injured in an Accident

Children are granted special benefits if they are involved in an accident. If you are under 16 years of age and are involved and injured in an accident you can claim compensation irrespective of who was responsible. You will be compensated for medical, hospital, pharmacy, rehabilitation, and attendant and respite care.


If you are in a blameless accident which occurred on or after 1–10-2007, you are eligible for claim in personal injury cases. The accident may be considered blameless if:

  • You were suffering a sudden illness like a stroke or a heart attack
  • You have an unexpected mechanical failure in your vehicle.
  • A collision with an animal on the road was unavoidable

Users of the road in any capacity may make a claim subject to some restrictions in respect of drivers.


If you are related to a person who was killed as a result of a motor vehicle you can claim compensation with the help of  Personal Injury Lawyer if he can prove that the other driver was at fault.

How Pay Compensation

If an employer does not maintain workers compensation insurance then too he/ she is not exempt from paying out compensation to rightful claimants. Employees/ workers will get compensation from workers compensation plans that are in force at their state or zone (where the accident/ incident happened).

The fund operated by compensation schemes will first payout the necessary amount to the claimant and then sue the employer in question for that. The only thing that an employer can do who does not maintain adequate workers compensation insurance is to bring in legal trouble and hassle upon him.