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Choosing a Basin for Your Bathroom

Basins have graduated from mere pockets meant for washing ones face to style statements in modern washroom. The stylish range of bathroom basins available in the market is sure to add an extra edge to your washroom. There are types of basins and knowing about the characteristics of each of them will help you choose the perfect match from Bathroom vanity.

Know about Wall Basins

Wall basins are the oldest and the commonest type of bathroom accessory available in the market. A typical wall basin is attached by the help of brackets to the wall. There is no need to include the use of any vanity attachment for the installation process. The main advantage of wall basins is their minimum use of space and this makes them the perfect accessory for neo modern Washrooms. If you want to spruce up the look of your wall basin you can add designer pedestals which can add an element of style and class. These pedestals can also conceal the plumbing.

Install under counter Vanity Basins

Bathroom handbasins are hugely popular with urban young people. This kind of basin is installed under the level of the vanity. If you have elderly people at home then this is a good design to opt for as the sides of the basins are secured against bumps and sharp edges. However your plumber will have a tough time installing this setup as it requires the de-construction of a customised cavity in the sink.

To help you with this renovation project, a professional bathroom renovation contractor should be hire.