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Choosing a Forklift for Rough Terrain

Forklifts are very popular among the warehouse and dock yard owners. They are well equipped to lift and move any type of container or heavy machines from one place to another. However things get a little bit different when it comes to moving the forklifts out of the plains of the warehouse to the rough terrain outside. Especially if you are working at a constructions site, moving the things from one place to the other becomes a really big headache.

The tires of terrain forklifts

The forklifts that are normally used in the warehouses are not building for outside use. Things are harsh in the outside world and the forklift should be able to handle those conditions. Also the surface on which it has to move is altogether different, rather tougher. The tires of general forklifts are not reinforced and are smooth while the terrain forklift have very hard tires with thick threads beneath them. They are almost inflatable and thus can comfortably walk on any kind of terrain. The operator will not have to worry of the tires getting burst on stepping nails.  Buy fork lifts which you can use on different terrain.


As mentioned earlier, the terrains in the outside world are harsh and offer difficult working conditions. The terrain forklifts are made to be extremely flexible in its movements. They can make quick turns on the terrain even with the heavy loads on them. Also since the surroundings in a terrain are rough, these forklifts are made of durable components to be able to handle low intensity impacts on its body without breaking down.