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Choosing Commercial Juicers

Deciding why you need the juicer, and which features are essential is the first step in choosing a commercial juicer. If your menu calls for a simple juicer that can make only fruit pulps and milk shakes, then you can go for one of the simple varieties, but if you also want to make pasta dough ad nut butters, then you will need a juicer with lots of extra attachments. When you go out to buy a juicer though, the range of features and accessories can get you confused and to avoid falling to temptation, it is necessary to know beforehand exactly what you want.

Know your budget

A very easy way to distinguish between what you want and what you can have is the budget. The cost of a commercial juicer can be high, and you can find basic models for cheap and even high-end models that can cost you hundreds of dollars. Deciding your budget before you make a purchase will help you find the right model for your restaurant.

Compare and select

Before you buy a commercial juicer, make sure to visit various websites and check and compare prices and functions. This will help you find the best juicer for your needs and the budget range you have.

Read your instructions

Every commercial juicer comes along with its set of do’s and don’ts. it is important to follow the instructions of the manufacturer before using it extensively. You also need to follow the instruction booklet for cleaning and maintenance tips.

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