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Coffee Beans – What Are The Uses?

Coffee shrubs do well in warm climates and Australia being a warm country, there is no dearth of space to grow them. The plants do well even in indoor lighting so you can keep them in when they are really tiny and move them out as they grow bigger. And what’s more, these plants do not even ask you for a lot of investment. When small, adding fertilizer to the soil once every two weeks should help you maintain a healthy bunch. What is really important is that the soil be well aerated and well drained.

Coffee beans for compost

Your neighbour’s green fingers might not just be a reflection of their passion for gardening. Coffee beans might have something to do with it as well! Adding coffee grounds to the compost helps in upping their potassium, and nitrogen content, and the slight acidity that the coffee provides to the soil can be great if you live in an area with low alkalinity.

Coffee as a natural way to keep your hair shiny and voluminous

Coffee beans make for great hair volume-boosters. Brew a strong pot and leave it to cool. Then, apply it to unwashed hair and rinse when dry. It not only brings shine to your hair, but also gives it an alluring brownish tinge. So the next time you think of dying your hair, think coffee!

Coffee as skin exfoliates and anti-cellulite

Forget the expensive anti-cellulite creams in the advertisements. Coffee works better and more effectively than any of those chemical laced creams could ever. The coarse grounds are great for exfoliating skin and the anti-cellulite properties of the beans firms and tighten even as it scrapes away dead skin cells.

Coffee have great benefits in our daily lives. The demand for the best brewed coffee increased, and a lot of coffee shop pop up almost everywhere you go.