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Combining Plantation Shutters with Curtains

When you mix curtains and plantation shutters you create an endless range of possibilities for window treatments. You can either spread your curtains across the window creating a flowing Grecian look or you can clump them together at two corners of the window to create the illusion of visual light. The frequency and the type of a plantation shutter you use will be in accordance to your privacy needs. Changing your curtains can visually transform your room in ten minutes. Many homeowners keep 2-3 sets of curtains and change them every season to give their home a new look.

Putting curtains on top of a layer of narrow blinds will create a layered look which will keep the glare, dust and the eyes of prying onlookers away. Make sure that you choose colours and patterns of curtains that blend well with your plantation shutter.

Create visual illusions

If you are living in an apartment or a studio then you would like your place to appear larger than it actually is. Simply hang your curtains a little above the height at which the shutters are installed. Now bunch them at the corners and watch your room open up and appear more airy and spacious. Simply remove the curtains when you don’t feel like having them around or want to let in more air and light. Play around with textures, colours and patterns and create the perfect look for all your rooms.

Its amazing how much fun you can have while getting your shutters designed.

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