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Commercial Window Cleaners Vs Home Made Window Cleaners

Planning to clean your home windows? If you are living in a low rise homes, it is okay to clean your own windows, but if not, better leave the cleaning to experts. It could be a bit dangerous to clean windows on high rise buildings and even houses, it could come too risky. Anyway, going back, if you plan to clean your windows, have you though on which amongst the solutions could be best for you to use?

If not yet, below are few comparisons you could consider as you choose whether to use commercial window cleaners or home made window cleaners.


You surely know the difference with their content. Using home made cleaners, not limited for just your windows, they come too safe to use but you have to be a little careful though, as some ingredients that you could find in your kitchen, like vinegar, could cause harm not to your health but to your window finish. Using too much of vinegar, ammonia and the like could not be too advisable. Make sure to follow the measurements to give you desirable results.

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Commercially made chemicals could come too strong, that improper usage and none use of protective gears like masks and gloves, can be a bit risky to your health. It is a must that you follow exactly as directed on the label to ensure that you get satisfaction of results.


Household window cleaners have limitation. they may not be as robust as those window cleaners being sold commercially, thus in terms of effectiveness, commercially made cleaners are highly more effective than the ones made from home.

You could start working on the ones made from home, especially if you will just do your regular window cleaning, but if you need to clean tough window stains, and home remedy did not work, you can opt buying the ones being sold in the market.


It is a bit obvious, window cleaners made from home are a whole lot cheaper, as the ingredients you will be using are just available within your homes and the ingredients like vinegar, baking soda, ammonia, water etc. are surely cheap.

If you are to compare those home made versus cleaners being sold in the market, the latter is more expensive but surely, their price range, thus choosing cheaper priced window cleaners Brisbane  is feasible.