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Common Issues with Photo Booths

The first thing that works against hiring a photo booth is the budget. On an average photo booth hire will cost you around $1000 which can destroy your budget. Often there are no online versions of the photos which are a sad thing in a world ruled by Facebook and Pinterest. There is a limitation on the number of people you can accommodate inside your booth so if you have a huge crowd then not everybody can avail of the booth. Finally a photo booth will detract from the central theme of the event because it’s quite a crowd puller. The moment you put up this booth people will be more interested in getting their pictures clicked than participating in the main event.

Kids’ parties

Opting for a photo booth hire at a party where the guest list is mostly composed of children under the age group of seven is a risky idea. This is because kids might playfully damage the equipment present inside the photo booth like camera, props etc. Since this equipment is hired as the host you will have to burn a hole in your pocket and pay for the damages. At a kids party you are better off hiring a standalone photographer to take group photos than to incur the expense of arranging for a fully fledged photo booth.

Hire a photobooth company that has a good track record. It is advisable to check the photobooth as soon as it arrives at the venue. You should ensure that there are no technical problems in the camera as well as the settings. You can go online and check photo booth rental Perth.

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