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Kitchen Sink- What Are the Common Issues?

The kitchen sink comprises four major parts and they are the garbage disposal, drain basket, kitchen sink bowl and the faucet. A kitchen sink can be afflicted by many different kinds of problems but the most common problems are usually broken garbage disposals, leaking drain baskets, clogged drains and clogged or leaky kitchen faucets.

Following are some ways in which you can fix these plumbing issues. If you don’t have the knowledge, skill or expertise to deal with these problems by yourself, it is better to rely on the services of professional Plumbing North Brisbane.

Leaking Drain Baskets

If your drain basket is leaking, it is wise to replace it. Professional plumbers always advise consumers to go for expensive, high quality drain baskets that are crafted out of durable materials and will prove to be long lasting. Cheaper parts may be easier on the pocket, but they don’t last long and are made of inferior quality materials.

Clogged Drains

Many kitchen sinks suffer from the issue of clogged drains every now and then, especially if they are devoid of garbage disposal facilities. Many times when washing crockery and cookware, bits and pieces of food on the utensils get washed down into the kitchen drain, start accumulating and over time, clog the kitchen sink drain. Leftover lard and bacon fat being poured down the sink drain can also choke the drain quickly.

There are chemical kitchen drain uncloggers available in the market which can efficiently unclog your kitchen drain. These plumbing problems should be resolve as soon as possible, especially when you are into home selling.  If nothing else works, you may need to give a call to professional plumbers from Sunshine Coast.