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Common Repairs and Services of Thermostatic Temperature Control

Thermostatic temperature control refers to the maintenance of a constant and comfortable temperature inside an enclosed area regardless of the outside temperature. If you have thermostatic controls installed in your home/office, you can enjoy pleasurable conditions inside whatever are the weather conditions outside.

A thermostat is connected to a kind of thermometer which tracks the outside temperature. When the temperature of the thermostat matches the level you have fixed on it, the Air conditioner or the central heating system automatically turns off. The heating/cooling system now runs at the same uniform rate to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Common problems with thermostatic control

A Thermostatic radiator valve is surrounded by an assembly of temperature sensitive bellows. The temperature is controlled by pressure adjustments on the assembly by manipulating the plastic cover on the bellows.

The room temperature can thus be adjusted to a pre determined value. Malfunctioning of the thermostatic valves is one of the commonest problems in dysfunctional thermostats. Some valves will simply not shut as there could be accumulation of debris and pollutants blocking the opening. Some valve inserts can become loose, triggering leaks which need to be detected and fixed immediately.

Some apartments use warm air for fuelling their thermostat and this type of system is known as a furnace control system. Other buildings use steam heat and this constitutes a steam heating system. Water heating thermostats fall under the category of Aqua stat control. Most problems arising with these kinds of thermostats are electrical instead of mechanical.

Sometimes the thermostat screen goes blank. This may happen due to loose wiring which causes a break in the power supply to the unit. Your Brisbane air conditioning unit may suddenly start blowing hot air and not respond to the remote system. You should immediately contact professional air conditioning repairs Brisbane who are equipped to deal with thermostatic temperature control issues.