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Corporate Websites

The most important part is to engage the user for which high quality content is a must. One should make the website content interesting by implementing some basic things, like, every page on the website should deliver some valuable information which should be helpful to the end user. Thus, the designer should avoid animated GIFs or auto loading sounds, the user must be able to scroll the web page easily. The pop-up windows and clicks should be minimized so the visitor finds information without any hassle. A link to the home page on each page should be included. There should be a menu on every page, proper color contrasts should be used sensibly text should be crisp. The hyperlinks should be colored differently which must be underlined, a short description about the hyperlinks must be given, and contact information should be easily available where a link for it should be displayed.

Following a well-structured web design process is the most important step which is neglected by a lot of designers. Following the deign procedure simplify the design execution and assures that your website will be well-organized, user friendly and easy to navigate by the end user.

Questions to ask regarding portfolio and references

See the portfolio of website design and evaluate the sites designed by them previously. Do they look professional, load quickly, can be easily seen on a tablet or mobile and do they appeal to you? If the answer to the above questions is yes, then the company is a good pick for you.