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Dental Crowns

The life of the crown depends on the material used and the care taken by patient. If the patient takes a good care of his teeth and has an excellent oral hygiene, the dental crowns last longer, but on an average a crown lasts many years.

The price of the crown depends on many factors like expertise of the dentist, the type of dental crown, conditions of gums, the number of teeth requiring crowns and the extent of tooth damage. After many years of use, the dental crowns need repair or develop dark margins. Cosmetic dentists either redo the old dental crowns or replace them with new ones depending on the condition of crowns.

Types of dental crowns

Depending on the type of material used in crowns, they are of the following types-full metal crowns, cerec crowns, PFM crowns (having porcelain fused with metals) and zirconium crowns. Each type has its own pros and cons. Furniture Removals

For an in-depth knowledge and expert opinion about the advantages and drawbacks of each type you should consult Cheap dentist. The use of world-class, premium quality alloys and most beautiful porcelains, ensure awesome crowns and complete patient satisfaction. Cosmetic dentists, advice patients on the type of dental crown they should go for depending on the condition of their teeth and their budget. Seek advice fromĀ dental clinic Brisbane.

They protect the affected tooth further decay and damage. They also improve your visual appeal by leaps and bounds. Dental crowns are very useful in patients having bad bites and those with increased sensitivity to hot and cold food and drinks.

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