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Domestic Cleaning Services – What to Do Before the Cleaners Arrive

Hiring Brisbane bond cleaners is a great way to free you and your family from regular cleaning chores and to get the cleaning done thoroughly. However, you will still have a part to play even when working with the experts. There are a few preparations that can ensure you get the most out of any cleaning service.

Tidy up

You do not want the cleaning team to spend most of their time straightening up your home. If you have spare time, pick up the household items that may be lying around. By doing this, you will ensure the cleaners will spend more time cleaning rather than organizing.  What is more is that tidying up will reduce the chances of misplacing things during cleaning.

Get your files in order

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. You should always remember that. The cleaners are not familiar with your life. To avoid losing important documents, get all of them in order. Your insurance paperwork, bills and bank statements may easily be mistaken for trash. Pick them up and lock them in cabinet. If you can’t fit them all in a cabinet, you can place them in a spot and leave a clear note that says ‘do not disturb’.

Secure your valuables

Most companies that offer domestic cleaning services vet their employees thoroughly but this does not mean that none of them have sticky fingers. Anybody can be tempted. Do not tempt the cleaners. Secure all your valuables; small electronics, loose cash and jewelry.

Get your pets

To avoid disruptions, put your pets away. Your dog may make it hard for the cleaners to do their work well. Take it for a walk. The same applies to all other pets including cats. Put them away before the cleaners arrive.

Identify problem areas

You probably have an area that collects the most dirt. This may be the fireplace or your son’s room. It pays to inform the cleaners of such areas as soon as they arrive. The information will help them know where to devote more time. Inform them of special needs before they arrive so they can bring proper cleaning equipment.

Ensure they can get in

Lastly, if you will not be around, make sure the cleaners can get in. They need access to your house else the domestic cleaning services will not be possible. You can ask a friend to babysit them or give the company an access key.

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