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Door Common Problems

Sometimes when you close the door, it doesn’t get fit into the latch seamlessly. There may be several reasons behind this latching problem. When the door makes an angle with the top edge of the door frame, it tends to miss the alignment with the latch, resulting in a missed fitting. A handyman will fix the problem in a matter of minutes.

How will he fix the problem?

There are two possible solutions for this problem. First, if the door is slightly bent against the top then only a little adjustment will be required to fix the door. The repairman will enlarge the latching slot in the strike place to accommodate the door latch. This work requires great amount of precision as it is not easy to make a hole in the latching slot.

In second case if the door is bending to a great extent and missing the slot completely then superior amount of adjustment will be obligatory. He will have to remove the wholestrike plate from its position and move it downwards to see where it is intersecting with the door latch.

Screws won’t stay in their place

This is also a frequently occurring problem. This involves the screws to come out of the door frame as the holes in which they’re fit in becomes bigger, loosening their grip in the screws. Home handy man will repair it easily by using his tools. He will change the size of the screw holes so that it can easily accommodate the fitted screws.

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