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Enjoy The Many Benefits Of Staying In A Serviced Apartment

In these hard times and your pay is just enough for you and your family to get by, you will be forced to close your eyes to luxurious things and be practical. That is right, when you say practical before, it means not luxurious, it means tightening your belt. However, when it comes to accommodation, that is not the case anymore these days with so many options that we have. One of the best and most cost effective options is to stay in serviced apartments. Do you know what serviced apartment is? A serviced or holiday apartments, as others called them is just like any apartment that you see only this time, they are fully furnished with state of the art equipments and the rent is not monthly but daily. However, they are said to be really more affordable compared to hotels.

For you to understand better, check out below most of the reasons why serviced apartments are now highly preferred:

– First reason is the fact that it has more space. If you will stay in a hotel, you will only get a room that might probably be good for two if that is what you prefer. However, that is not the same when you will stay in a serviced apartment with the same number of prescribed tenants. Aside from the room that is also good for two, you will also have a living room, a kitchen, a laundry area and of course the bath and comfort room.

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© sg.hotels.com

– You can even find a serviced apartment that is with more than one room so that if you are travelling with your entire family, this can be more convenient for all of you. You need not be cramped in one room.

– There are serviced apartments that will provide you a 24 hour concierge service. He will be assisting you with anything you need. He will show you some of the great and amazing things the neighborhood can offer. In short, it would be like you have an assistant for a day.

– A hotel will charge you per head so that if you are travelling with the entire family, you will surely end up emptying your pocket just for your accommodation. That is not the case with serviced apartment though as they charge you per room. So, even if you will be cramped up inside a single unit apartment, then it is up to you really.

– As mentioned above, the apartment is fully equipped with the latest equipments technology can provide. So, it would be like you are just in your own home and because of that, you will surely feel more comfortable. You even have the option to call before your scheduled travel so that they will stock the fridge ahead with all the foods you want.

Yes, seeing the situations above, a serviced apartment is indeed a better option and to think that it is even more affordable.  Try the Motel near to Brisbane airport!