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Ensure Water Does Not Freeze Up in Water Tanks

If there are any cracks in the connecting pipes or faucets, it is necessary to seal them. Otherwise, there will be unnecessary loss of heat which will gradually freeze the water inside the pipes.

You may not be able to gauge if the pipe is cracked or is leaking. It is advisable to ask a plumber to look at the various connecting pipesĀ and fix or replace any broken pipes.

Shape and size of water tank

If you have a small water tank, then the water will freeze up quickly. However, if you invest in a 5000 Gal water tank, the water will not solidify quickly. In addition, you will be able to save more water.

Moreover, buying a round shaped water tank is better than rectangle or square water tanks. The surface area is smaller in round shaped tanks which cause less wastage of heat.

Water heating system

If you leave the water heating system on low intensity, then the water in the pipes will not freeze up. In addition, the water temperature will be just above freezing point so you will be able to use it whenever you require it.

Filters are very important in the entire rainwater harvesting system. Every filter has its own set of maintenance instructions which are simple to do and easy. Keep your filters clean and functional.

First flush diverters should be cleaned and maintained regularly. This is the part that filters out most of your debris. Keeping it properly functional will give you cleaner water.