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Important Features of Time Lapse Cameras



The advancement of today’s technology has allowed us to enjoy recording special moments of our lives in every possible way and time lapse cameras are no exception. While these cameras are rarely used by the common folk, these are often used by videographers who capture the changes of the passing day in a specific area. A great example for using a time lapse camera is during the melting of the snow when spring has finally arrived. When choosing a time lapse camera, here are three features that can help videographers both new and old to this style of videography.


One of the most important features that should be found in a best time lapse cameras is its ability to brave through any type of weather that it is used in. Rain or shine, snow or wind, a time lapse camera should be able to handle all of it as it is mostly used outdoors as the best scenes that are viewed and enjoyed are out in the open. This can assure the person recording the scenery that despite the change in weather, he or she can take up all the necessary scenes without having to experience weather-related delays.

User friendly

Another important feature of time lapse cameras is its easy operability. While there are some existing cameras have a time lapse feature, it may be complicated to use especially for beginners. With a stand-alone camera, it should be less of a hassle to use compared with cameras which include the same function, often coming with a single press button to easily record the chosen scenery. While there will be other possible additional features of an existing model of a time lapse camera, the primary function and easiest function to pinpoint in these types of cameras would be its simple press-to-record button.

Power and Energy use

With time lapse cameras Melbourne, it is used not only outdoors but for also for long periods of time, one of its most important features is its manner of being powered and how much energy it consumes. Taking consideration of the fact that a time lapse camera is primarily used outside, it should be powered using batteries which can either be replaced or recharged and should not require the use of a male plug otherwise this would become a hassle. Furthermore, time lapse cameras should be efficient in using the power which can last for long hours.