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Feeder Cables

Top-rated manufacturers conform to all safety, health and environmental regulations as set by individual governments and international standard. A safe environment promotes efficiency and you can certainly prevent accidents significantly by investing in a righty brand of feeder cables.

3 Core Copper Screened Armoured 6.35/11KV Cables: This type of feeder cable conforms to

AS/NZS 1972 standard and has a simple circular compact copper core. It can be operated at a temperature of 900C as it has a tough cross linked polyethylene (XPLE) polymer as insulating material. The conductor screen comprises an extruded semi-conducting material that is bonded to the insulation while an annealed copper wire screen is used as a metallic sheath all around. Galvanized steel wires act as armour sheath while the outer surface is covered with Red PVC. This type of feeder cable can be installed in trenches, ducts, in open air on under the surface of the earth. It is also available as 3 Core Copper Screened Armoured 12.7/22KV cable.

1.1KV PVC Covered and Insulated Screened Feeder Cables

This type of cable is ideally suited for shuttle cars, road headers, continuous miners and other similar mobile equipments that are used in and around mines. The core of such cables comprises annealed copper and has a heat resistant PVC insulation coating all around. The screen uses tinned copper wires and polyester yarn braid and both individual cables or bunches of cables can be screened as per requirement. The cables can be installed inside ducts or machineries.

This type of cable does not require any additional mechanical protection during operations as it is already sheathed with a tough HD-90-CPE Black material. It is used extensively in wiring mobile machineries such as road headers and shuttle cars and also for interconnecting equipments such as motors and control boxes. You can also find them in the lighting system used in underground longwall mines. The core of this cable comprises annealed copper and has copper wires as screen.