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Floor Sanding Projects – Common Equipment Often Used

A solid hardwood floor needs a good sanding every once a while. Floor sanding is the process by which a thin layer of wood is removed from the existing flooring. This exposes the wood beneath the top layer which was till now protected and unexposed, and which still shines as good as new. Floor sanding is easier and more cost effective than replacing and re-paneling the entire wooden flooring in your house.

Edge Sanders

Floor edge sanders are hand held tools that are used to sand the edges and corners of the room where the other sanders cannot reach. It almost works in the same fashion as the orbital sander but it has the power and capacity to do some sanding as well instead of just polishing the wood. Edge sanders are relatively inexpensive, and they are the perfect way to complete a DIY floor sanding project to give your house a whole new look.

Other requirements

The sanders are the main part of the floor sanding exercise, but you also need some other small things around the house when you are doing a sanding. Plastic sheets to keep the dust from moving to other parts of the house, extra dust bags and sanding paper for the sanders, a vacuum cleaner to clean up later, and safety equipment like dust masks, safety glasses, and ear plugs to protect yourself during the process. If you are getting the sanding done by a professional, make sure you run through the basics with him before he gets down to stripping your floors.

Like on wooden flooring, a concrete grinding is needed to keep theĀ concrete flooring smooth.