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Fragile Products Shipping from USA to Australia

Brittle articles must be packed with strong, cushion materials that will protect them during the long and arduous shipping process.

Once the fragile item is inside the box, line all the gaps between the packet and the inner lining of the box with cushioning materials like old newspapers, more bubble wrap or foam. You should also put layers of protective cushioning on top and under the packet. In short, the packet with your fragile item inside must be protected by cushioning materials on all sides. It should also remain firmly in place.

The Final Touch

After ensuring that your precious item is well protected by all that wrapping and cushioning, close your box and seal it properly. Use sealing tape that is at least two inches wide and turn it twice and thrice all around the box. This may seem like a lot of tape but it is worth it when compared to the value of your precious item.

Marking your Parcel

Once the packing is complete, label your packet appropriately. Consignments with fragile items inside must have FRAGILE marked in bold on all sides of the box. Use a black or any suitable dark coloured marker so that the writing will be thick and easily visible. If your packet contains glass, do mention that too.

Mark an arrow to indicate the upward direction so that sea freight services will not place your box upside down by mistake. Complete the labelling by writing both recipient address and your own address; again in bold letters for easy visibility. It is best if you use indelible ink to protect the writings from rain or moisture.

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