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Friendly Family Accommodation Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island is situated in the South Pacific, very close to New Zealand and Australia. In fact, it is considered as territory of Australia. The major language that is used is English, thus, tourists will not have a hard time communicating with the locals. The currency that is used is Aussie dollars.

There are many friendly family accommodation Norfolk Island that you can find online. The things to do in this island are aplenty so family members- whether young or old will find something enjoyable to do at Norfolk Island.

Outdoor activities and nature tripping

The island is very close to a number of national parks as well as reserves, thus, when you book friendly family accommodation Norfolk Island, you and the entire family can go on bush walking and mountain biking. There are many bikes that are available for rent. But for those who want peace and tranquility and less physical activities, bird watching is an activity that may appeal to them.

Learn history

When you book friendly family accommodation Norfolk Island, you can learn so much about the past of this island in the South Pacific. The island was a penal colony among the British but during mid 19th century, there was an uprising known as the Bounty mutiny. The mutineers along with the Polynesians saw Pitcairn Island and settled there. But after few years, the Pitcairn locals went back and Queen Victoria granted them Norfolk Island. When you book friendly family accommodation Norfolk Island, you can learn more about their rich history and culture in museums.


The Norfolk Island is rich in fresh veggies and sea produce. When it comes to cuisine, there are interesting fusions of flavors. All the food at Norfolk Island is grown there, that is why freshness of flavors is guaranteed. When you book friendly family accommodation Norfolk Island, you will be served with the most nutritious and freshest food that tastes great.


You will find place to stay that is right for your budget. There are hotels and apartments that offer very comfortable and friendly family accommodation Norfolk Island.
Island tours

You can make bookings online for day tours which you and your family members want to join. There are many spots to explore. There are trekking, cruises, museum tours, farm tours, among others.

Take your family to a place that is beautiful, safe, and enjoyable by booking a family accommodation Norfolk Island.