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Furniture Removal Companies

You should keep track of the exact number of days that the furniture removal company has promised to deliver your belongings. In many cases, if there is an unavoidable situation such as a natural calamity or strike, there may be a delay in delivery. In such cases, the company puts your stuff in a storage unit. It will be delivered once things settle down. However, you should stay in constant touch with the company until the goods reach your new location. You will not have to pay for the storage if it is part of the packaging policy.

Alternatively, if the company has not delivered goods on time because of some internal problem, then you will have to be duly compensated. Moreover, if your some of your items are missing, you should inform the company head quarters and claim for compensation. 

Packaging policy

Before hiring a professional upholsterer, read the fine print carefully and then sign the document. This will save you from getting fleeced and give you information about your rights with the company.

When the furniture removal company comes to your house for a recee, make sure you sure the things you want packed. It can be the home appliance, carpets, clothes and other personal items. However, if you have costly and rare items, then you should tell them about it. The company may charge a little more but it will protect your good.

Removals Brisbane are specially trained to take care of all your belongings, pack them carefully and ensure that they reach their destination safely.

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