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Graphic Vehicle Signages Types

In half wraps, the concentration will be on designing elements, graphics and colour coordination. Since you are covering half the van, you will have more space to play with the content. Along with the company logo and name, you can promote your star product in one-line. If you just want to give information about your store, then it is advisable to use the tagline of the company so that people can associate with your brand very easily. Cars

Car wraps create a strong recall value as it highlights the important information in vinyl cover which does strike an instant connection with a prospective buyer. You have an influx of walk in customers as well as have probable leads with every person who catches a glimpse of the van.

In this case, it is advisable to give the website address as it will increase the click rate when people look it up on the internet.

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Full wraps

You have the complete van to promote and market your company and its products. You can create a full impact in the minds of people. The trick in the strategic placement of the content which is inclusive of the company tagline, logo, brand name, contact details along with the address and website if any. Even if you keep the van stationary at various hot spots in the city or town, it will definitely leave an imprint on anybody who sees it.

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