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Guidelines for Handling Australia’s New Patent Law

The new inventors and researchers are facing greater challenges in getting their product or innovation patented due the new Intellectual Property Amendment (Raising the bar) Act 2012 recently introduced by the federal government of Australia. This act has been proposed to raise the standards of patent acquisition in Australia and to make it at par with other major countries. There are certain important points that should be considered while applying for patent under the new patent laws. It is highly recommended for you to seek an advise from a Patent lawyer in Brisbane if you are not yet familiar with this  new patent law.

Application for Patent

The new patent law has come into effect since 15.04.2013. Therefore, those applications which have been submitted till 12.04.2013 i.e. Friday shall be considered under the older patent laws. Since the newer laws are more stringent and have raised the standards, you must ensure that your invention meets all the criteria for patent before applying for the patent of your invention.

You should also decide onto the type of patent you need which best suits your invention. There are broadly three types of patent granted: Standard, innovation and PCT patent. It would be better to opinion of profession patent attorney to ensure that your application is complete in all respect.

The new patent law has increased the standard and amount of information which applicants are required to disclose with their application. If the application has incomplete information, it could delay the processing of the application.