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Guidelines in Buying Tunics

Hourglassshape body defines ideal or perfect body shape.With sleek waist, hourglass shape body has both, bust and hipsin perfect shape. You can wear tunics with belts to highlight your sculpted figure. Avoid wearing baggy or loose tunics; they would conceal your figure.

Apart from choosing your tunics, according to your body-shape, there are some free style tunics in womens fashion, which are best fit for women with any body shape.

Empire Waistline Cut

Tunics with empire waistline cuts are perfect for women having hefty body; they can be worn by lean body figures also. The cut successfully conceals the flabby areas, giving you a leaner look.

Chunky Knits

Chunky knit tunics are good for all body shapes. Meant to be worn especially in winters, you can wear them, with trendy belt and stylish scarf,to give them an amazing, glamorous look.

Straight Cut Tunics

Tunics with straight cut have weird lines all over them, giving them a cool look. Best for summers, women with all the body shapes can pop on them.

Gathered at waist

These tunics, worn with belts give your waist a curved look. Tunics gathered at waistare best for highlighting women having tiny waist, and are best for all body shapes.In womens clothing, varying from business to glamorous style, tunics can give you any desired look.

Rectangular shape Body

Rectangular body with no curves has almost flat body shape. Light coloured tunics with roomy bottom or A-shaped tunics,paired with skinny jeans will make a wonderful combination, giving you a curved look.

Loose clothing should not be use when you are operating a mechanical equipment.

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